At Clínica Libre we have the best tools at our disposal, and our focus is to provide the best comprehensive care that is provided through a team professionals prepared with the necessary knowledge to support and help our patients to recover. 


Detoxification treatments (Abstinence Syndrome or Withdrawal), rehabilitation and relapse prevention to treat addiction through our unique integrative treatment model in Mexico, which minimizes the possibility of a relapse and helps the patient’s families to improve their quality of life.
Therefore, taking advantage of the most up-to-date knowledge and techniques to help patients with Addiction, Eating Disorders and Dual Disorders, Clínica Libre offers the best treatment alternative to support people who, due to very complex personal, social and family circumstances, fell into the disease of addiction.


Provide a detoxification and rehabilitation treatment to the patient with addiction problems, through a comprehensive care program, implemented by a multidisciplinary team of professionals and health professionals, whom provide an ethical, professional, and confidential environment, with spiritual accompaniment and mutual help, that allow to improve and dignify the quality of life and raise their self-esteem, favoring an adequate family, educational, work and social reintegration of the patient.


Addiction should never be treated as a crime, it should be addressed as a health problem. We know that the addict has lost the ability to make healthy decisions for himself, unconsciously ignores a reality, gives good reasons and not a real reason, blames others for their irresponsibility. But he needs help, raise awareness of his illness, sufficient knowledge of addiction and its consequences, and most importantly, learn to develop the skills necessary to make correct decisions in life.

We recognize that addiction rehabilitation is long term, therefore, our objective is to achieve two fundamental goals:

Achieve abstinence from alcohol, drugs and other addictions and promote a quality life with physical and emotional health, thus achieving a healthy lifestyle.