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Rehabilitation Center for Women

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In Clínica Libre we know that lately addiction problems have increased in women, especially at early ages of development, therefore, we have designed a treatment and rehabilitation program for women whose purpose is:

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a.    Have a specialized medical attention for the withdrawal syndrome and be attentive at all times with the nursing staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and thus achieve a quiet abstinence.


b.    Discard any concomitant disease or substance use, mainly assess the organs that are most impacted by the consumption of addictive substances such as the brain, liver and digestive system among others.


c.     Improve your self-esteem, which by the way has been damaged during consumption and many times before, at this point it is essential to raise your dignity as a woman.


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d.    Provide a multidisciplinary care among the different professionals of Clínica Libre: doctors and specialists, nurses, psychologists, consultants, equinotherapy, nutritionists and physical strengthening instructors.


e.     Achieve the development of life skills; assertive communication, correct decision making, set limits and comply with rules, emotional maturity and acceptance of their reality among others.


f.      To achieve a sobriety, understanding as such to live in fullness in body, mind and soul.


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Finally, the treatment in the Rehabilitation Center for Women of Clínica Libre is carried out in an environment of respect for their person and above all for their dignity, having as a central objective the change in their style of living.

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