Addiction to alcohol

It could be said that alcohol is one of the most dangerous addictive substances known.
It destroys environments such as the family and it generates enormous social costs as a
hurricane of destruction.

It can be a direct cause of death through diseases such as liver cirrhosis, bleeding from
the digestive tract, a factor that causes violent acts of aggression, traffic accidents or

Depressive drug

Alcohol is included among depressant drugs, although the first symptoms can cause a state of euphoria. After the first doses of alcohol, the capacities of judgment, attention, observation and reflection begin to diminish. The patient enters, thereafter, in a phase of depression that can lead to loss of consciousness.


The alcoholic can develop a personality with these characteristics:

  • Loses the consideration of others.
  • Unjustified aggression.
  • Causes accidents, at work, at home, or in traffic.
  • Neglecting work or other responsibilities and causing a crisis in the family economy.
  • Generates social, family, work, psychological and physical damage to others and to himself.
  • Self devalues itself in the eyes of others and their own.
  • He is excluded and stigmatized in society with contempt and censure for his antisocial behavior.

Rehabilitation center for alcoholism

Although the patient will always have the support of our team of professionals
throughout the treatment, it is very important to have the support of the family during the process. Both goodwill and family support are two main pillars during the treatment of alcoholism for any patient.

Alcohol detoxification

Detoxifying the body of a person with alcoholism problems is one of the first steps to follow within the treatment. During the process of detoxification or treatment of the Abstinence Syndrome, the person must be under the supervision of qualified professionals, since they will need full support from doctors, nurses 24 hours a day and complementary psychological support for their emotional state and to free that first battle.

Rehabilitation of alcoholism

During the rehabilitation phase, the person with alcoholism problems is assisted by our expert psychologists individually and in groups. By means of different techniques, our experts help the patient to face the problems that he used to avoid by means of his excessive consumption of alcohol. Also, with the support of professional consultants and a therapeutic community, the patient will be provided with the tools that will reinforce their self-esteem and interpersonal skills that will help them overcome their problems without the need to require alcohol or another drug again.

There is a long list of disorders that can directly or indirectly cause alcohol; Anorexia, Gastritis, Ulcers in the Digestive System, Pancreatitis, Peripheral Neuritis, Alcoholic Epilepsy, Amnesic Syndrome of Kolsacov, Alcoholic Hallucinosis, Paranoid Schizophrenia, Delirium Tremens and several types of mental illnesses. We recognize that the rehabilitation of alcoholism is long-term, therefore, detoxification is only the beginning of the process of patient recovery. Our goal is to achieve two fundamental goals: Abstinence from alcohol and promote a quality life with physical and emotional health. (see, Detoxification and Rehabilitation).

“At Clínica Libre we have a team of experts in the treatment of alcoholism, which will help your loved one get out of the abyss that causes alcoholism.”

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