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We know that one of the concerns in companies is addictions and its consequences in the work environment.

Our objetive

Provide a detoxification and rehabilitation treatment to the patient with addiction problems, through a comprehensive care program and made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals and health professionals. Those who provide an ethical, professional, confidential environment, with spiritual accompaniment and mutual help, which allow to improve and dignify the quality of life and raise their self-esteem, favoring an adequate family, educational, labor and social reintegration of the patient.


We know that one of the concerns of employers is addictions (alcohol and drug use) in the work environment and of course the significant consequences in their companies:

  1. Low performance, loss of productivity, low quality of service, lower customer satisfaction.
  2. Decreased availability; absenteeism, cost of disciplinary measures, hiring and training of replacement workers.
  3. Decreased security: accidents, workers’ compensation, security services and crime prevention.
  4. Increased spending on health care, security and disability concepts.

On the other hand, it is essential to point out that the consequences of addiction in the worker are also significant; stress, demoralization, unemployment, poor professional development, loss of income, injuries, physical and mental disability and death.

Data from the Ministry of Labor indicate that addicts receive five times more disciplinary sanctions than the rest of the workers, resort three times more to sickness benefits and present five times more requests for compensation.

Various studies indicate that one-fifth of accidents at work are related to the intake of alcoholic beverages, one of the 10 leading causes of occupational disability.

The OIT (Organización Internacional del Trabajo) also specifies that, among alcohol or drug users who have a job, absenteeism worldwide is three or four times higher in this sector than among those who do not consume addictive substances.


We know that one of the concerns in companies is addictions and its consequences in the work environment.



According to the 5th National Survey of Addictions in Mexico, it shows important findings:


Almost 27 million Mexicans between the ages of 12 and 65 drink in the typical consumption pattern, with frequencies ranging from less than once a month to daily.


Just over four million Mexicans meet the criteria for alcohol dependence, of which three and a half million (3,497,946) are men and just over half a million (670,117) are women.


Beer is the product with alcoholic content most consumed by the Mexican population. Alcohol is the main addiction problem in the country, both in rural and urban areas.


10.3 million people between the ages of 12 and 65 require a type of selective intervention, to detect among them subjects at risk, and close to 500,000 people present a dependency on illegal drugs and require residential treatment.

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