The figures of fentanyl and opioid addiction are rising at alarming rates, making the supply of antidotes such as Naloxone in Fentanyl overdose situations increasingly crucial. Many have benefited from the Naloxone antidote before the imminent outcome could occur, which only adds to the devastating statistics, claiming the lives of thousands of people and leaving an eternal void in the hearts of surviving family members.

Despite the availability of supportive resources such as inpatient treatments, the scale tips towards immediate action – the administration of Naloxone. This brings total despair to thousands of families, living with the anguish of not knowing when they will have to be responsible for the lives of their loved ones.

At Clínica Libre, we recognize the emotional and physical toll that living in such situations takes on a family. That’s why, once the patient has been stabilized with the administration of Naloxone due to Fentanyl consumption, we propose offering the opportunity for them to reclaim their lives through comprehensive and dignified treatment. However, if this doesn’t happen, the reality is that the person with Fentanyl addiction is very likely to continue their consumption despite the harm, especially if they know someone will be there to protect them with Naloxone. Unfortunately, repeating this same pattern will only provide temporary relief from an imminent outcome and will not give them the chance to develop the skills necessary for a healthy life.

“Addiction is a disease and deserves to be treated with dignity.”