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How to perform a successful initiation?

An intervention aims to stop the use of addictive substances with the collaboration of family members, and motivate the patient to receive a timely, dignified, and professional treatment. It is
unusual for the addict alone to ask for help, he has the false belief of having control, “I can stop, whenever I want to stop consuming," in addition, he is unlikely to be able to make the decision to seek treatment alone, unless he finds himself in the middle of a crisis.

Therefore, it is important for the family makes a decision of love so that the patient through a professional intervention is motivated to receive treatment under hospitalization.

At Clínica Libre we carry out an analysis of each case in a personalized way since each family is different. Therefore, a meeting is held with the family prior to an intervention with the patient. Staying with your arms crossed and letting the addict touch bottom, could mean death, we know this is only a matter of time.

At Clínica Libre we know it and we can help you …

Residential Rehabilitation


It is a professional care that is provided to the patient that aims at providing techniques and development of skills for successful stress management.


It is the moment when the patient enters our Clinic and is given a clinical evaluation, medical-psychiatric care, nursing care 24/7, and symptomatic treatment of abstinence, that is necessary to
safeguard their physical, mental and emotional integrity.

This process regularly takes place in a short period of time of about Three to Five days, in order to improve the symptomatology of your withdrawal syndrome, and then join the Residential Rehabilitation Phase.

Individual psychological therapy

They are interventions that allow psychologists to provide the necessary tools to the patient to help them understand their illness, learn new strategies and skills to deal with their problems, respect the dignity of their person, improve their quality of life and raise their self-esteem. The central goal is to develop disease awareness and develop a new lifestyle.

Family therapy

It is necessary that the family become part of the recovery process of the patient, since although they are part of the problem, they are also part of the solution, therefore, the importance of generating knowledge of the disease of addiction and disease awareness.

Upon beginning treatment, the family is provided with a schedule of appointments where they will participate in individual, family, group therapy and Psycho-Educational conferences every Saturday.

All direct relatives of the patient are allowed to know the family dynamics that are experienced when one of their members has fallen into addiction.

Families will be informed of the evolution of the family member periodically and when requested.

For families living in other cities or abroad, psychological assistance is provided through Video Conferences (remote video conferences via the Internet) or, where appropriate, telephone recommendations.

Spiritual guidance

It is based on group meetings where a person participates in the communication of personal experiences

Personalized attention

This is provided through 24-hour supervision by qualified staff and resident professionals of the Clinic.

Mutual aid program

Throughout this phase of treatment, the patient practices dynamics of the Twelve Steps model on a daily basis.

Equine-Assisted Therapy

It is a Psychotherapy, Assisted with Horses, where the goal is that the patient develops many abilities for life.

• Release repressed emotions

• Reduce anxiety and stress

• Attention awakening and concentration

• Increase self-esteem, self-confidence, self-acceptance, decision-making and self-control.

• Improve problem-solving skills

• Increase tolerance, patience and discipline

• Respect rules and limits

• Increase commitment to recovery

• Improve communication and interpersonal relationships

* Certified staff and trained horses

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We recognize that addiction rehabilitation is long-term, therefore, within our objective is to achieve two fundamental goals: Achieve abstinence from alcohol, drugs and other addictions and promote a quality life with physical and emotional health, thus achieving a healthy lifestyle.

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